My Way

There is a myriad of reasons to walk the Camino. Long time ago I had mine. It was chronic lumbar pain that made me give up on the idea of ever walking it – or so I thought.

Nonetheless, it seemed that El Camino called me to it. And I went for it.

As wearing a backpack was not an option for me, in order to overcome my lumbar hurdle, I came up with the idea of pulling a little trolley with essential personal items and some T-shirts I was planning to sell.

It worked like a charm: voilà, after two weeks of upgrading and remodeling, I managed to distribute the weight properly without hurting my back. By the way, that cute aluminum chap of mine became really popular on the Camino and got tons of curious, puzzled, questioning looks.

So I was finally there, walking. Alone, but with my ideas, my dreams and my reasons; reasons that often change before arriving to Santiago, as there’s absolutely nothing predictable about the Way. But that’s another story…

Buen camino, peregrin@s.
Your way. My way.