The Project

I have been in the design industry since 1991. Long before it, as I was growing up, I knew that was exactly what I wanted to do.

The moment I heard about El Camino and spoke to people, who had walked it, I knew that I had to create a special design for a very special Way.

For months, I have been researching and analyzing the reasons of why thousands of people every year follow iconic seashells and yellow arrows. I found out that there was plenty and (sometimes) none of them. That’s where the concept of MyWay comes from –  Your Reason and Your Way.

It doesn’t matter, whether you walk for a couple of days or it takes you a month. You can do it for love, passion or for your pride. The truth is that El Camino is alive because of you. That’s why it’s Your Way.

I genuinely hope that you can appreciate, what this T-shirt symbolizes, as it is much more than just a garment.

If you need more information, drop me a line at

Thank you for believing in my project,

Francisco Iglesias.

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